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Our Services

You can also order any of our services to get your track ready and prepared
to be released either on CD’s or online.

Cover Design

If you need a song/ep/mixtape/album cover or any artwork just contact us through the CONTACT US page and we will make any type of artwork for a reasonable price.

Mix and Master

Price: 60 usd per track. Bulk deals are available. The more tracks you need to mix and master the more discount you get.


Step 1. We need you to send a raw draft of the track you need us to mix and master. In order to realize if we can do that job for you (The record should be recorded in the studio, not at home).

Step 2. Once we approve we can do it you need to send RAW track outs of your vocals and instrumental. Each track out should start from the very beginning of the track till the very end


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Music Loops

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